12-18-2019 | Cs

The deputy of Cs criticizes the 'supremacismo' and the 'hispanophobia in its purest form' of the media of the Catalan Corporation of Mitjans Audiovisuals

"We Catalans deserve public media that do not lie, that do not manipulate and distort reality and stop insulting the constitutionalist Catalans and pedagogy of hate or Spain." This has been said by the deputy of Citizens (Cs), Nacho Martín Blanco, to the Minister of the Presidency, Meritxell Budó, in reference to the media of the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Mitjans (CCMA).

Martín Blanco has denounced a TV3 headline that related an initiative of the Andalusian government to reward Andalusian families "with the Franco regime" because Catalan public television "could not miss the opportunity to exhibit its formidable capacity for manipulation and hispanophobia" . The orange deputy also referred to the statements of the writer Jordi Cabré saying that it is not the same to say ‘democracy’ in Spanish than ‘democracy’ in Catalan ”.

The deputy of Cs has criticized the "supremacism" and "hispanophobia in its purest form" of the CCMA media that are produced "under the arrogant look of TV3 presenters" and "its director acting as advisor of advertising gpropaganda the public media ”but also of the Government. "What TV3 says is what the President says about the rest of Spaniards and Andalusians and about constitutionalist Catalans," he said.

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