11-20-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman of Education of the GPCs ensures that the liberal formation 'will not cease in the defense of freedom and educational quality governs who governs'

The spokeswoman for Education of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), Marta Martín, has announced that liberal training will promote a bill in Congress that modifies the Organic Law of the Right to Education (LODE) to “make it clear that Article 27 of the Constitution contemplates the choice of the educational center and prevent the political power from arbitrarily restricting this freedom ”.

Martín and the parliamentary spokeswoman, Inés Arrimadas, have met in Congress with associations related to the Canae, Concapa, Uso, Cofapa, Catholic Schools, Cece and Fsie schools. After the meeting, Martin explained that this reform is part of a battery of initiatives "to ensure concerted education before the crusade that Minister Celaá has been doing for a long time."

In this regard, the deputy of Cs has also announced that the orange formation will present in the lower house several non-law proposals “so that the High Educational Inspection guarantees compliance” of said article 27, and that it will request that the Bureau of the Concerted Teaching “so that at once the study on the cost of each school position is taken out of the drawers”.

“Citizens is the party of freedom, and we will not cease to defend freedom, equity and educational quality, who governs,” said Martin, who warned that Cs “will not play Celaá, who is running for being a member of a government in which whoever is more radical and more intolerant of freedom will have more points to occupy the Ministry of Education. ”

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