El senador por Ávila, Juan Pablo Martín

Juan Pablo Martín affirms that “Not even with all the power of an Alarm State in their hands have they managed to make society feel safe, protected and protected”

The senator for Ávila, Juan Pablo Martín has affirmed that "the Government lacks any credit before the Spanish", he has blurted out to the Minister of Public Function, Carolina Darias and added "they have put in their hands all the extraordinary powers of a State Alarm, expanded and have not been able to make us feel safe, protected and protected as a society. That is his great failure ”.

In the Upper House, the Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function appeared in the afternoon today to report on the general policies of her department. The spokesman for the Popular Group in the Commission, Juan Pablo Martín Martín, has begun his intervention by ugly the delay in the appearance and warning him that "we do a disservice to public employees arriving late and badly to the debates."

The GPP spokesperson in the Commission, mayor of Sotillo de la Adrada (Ávila), has summarized what he considers the three virtues required by citizens of a government: effectiveness, leadership and credibility.


Juan Pablo Martín has asked the minister if he considers that the Government has been effective in organizing and coordinating the General State Administration to respond to the situation of Covid19 and to protect and guarantee the exercise of the rights of citizens and He has asked to explain whether the government has had its career officials, or "has articulated a parallel structure on the sidelines to make decision-making more comfortable, less committed and more opaque."

In this sense Martín Martín has made reference to the ERTE, "thousands of Spaniards call SEPE and they find silence", the courts that augur a monumental collapse, "the black cast" of the Transparency Portal or the appointment of the 26 general directors not belonging to the public career in the middle of the State of Alarm.

At this point, the popular spokesman in the Commission recalled the news published today by a media outlet, about the creation of a new general direction, Urban Agenda and Architecture, to name a person very close to the president "close friend, it seems" of the Government as CEO.

He has also been interested in the consideration of an accident at work by public employees infected by COVID 19, in addition to health and social health workers.

“The public services that have supported the State have been, fundamentally, the FCSE and the army, whose organization and functionality are legally guaranteed and against which the Government has initiated an unworthy strategy of questioning and purging. Do they not realize how much damage that does to our democracy, do they not realize that one thing is the State and another is the Government? ”, Juan Pablo Martín has inferred.


He has accused the Government of being "behind the events" and of being overtaken by the events and Juan Pablo Martín has asked the minister if he is going to propose the signing of the III Agreement for the defense of Public Employment, and reminded him that the previous one, like the current PGE, were signed by the Minister of Finance of Rajoy.

He has asked him to guarantee the recovery of the purchasing power of the salaries of officials, "public employees are restless," said Juan Pablo Martín. As for credibility, the popular spokesman has referred to the number of real deaths by COVID19: "Up to three AGE organizations contradict what the Government says at press conferences."

"The government's discredit converges, the general mistrust inside and outside the country, did what they do and did what they represent, and when a politician loses credibility, he loses the ability to contribute to the future of his country."

"They have the ability to mask their lack of project with the recipe for dialogue, but everyone who enters this dynamic ends up disappointed, with doubts, if not deceived," said the senator for Ávila.

"You did the impossible and the unthinkable to access the Government, lacking your own principles. They put everything before the service of a leader who considers himself chosen by fate, who does not care about everything at the expense of power "and added the spokesman that" they have had in their hands the powers of a State of Alarm and They have not even been able to make us feel safe, protected and protected as a society. That is his great failure ”.

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