Martínez-Almeida on the royal decree on local spending: "Moncloa does not have to tell us where to apply the money"
Today, during an interview on esRadio

• The PP spokesman demands that the Executive "render accounts at the headquarters of national sovereignty", because "we Spaniards have the right to know how they have done it"

• Censorship that the Executive does not disclose the "real number" of deceased, arguing that the pandemic has not ended and claims to know the approximate figure. "The Government does not have enough interest to tell the Spanish how many deaths there are from the pandemic at the moment," he criticizes

• “We can build a better Spain, learn from what is happening to us, project ourselves into the future and build a better society. We can only achieve that by taking as a cornerstone the memory of those who have passed away "

• It maintains that an investigation commission on "a party in the Government that is accused of illegal financing" is something that interests the Spanish

• Denounce that the PSOE is silent before Podemos, that it is accused and that it has disqualified the judiciary, and that, instead, it persecutes the PP. "We are not going to admit the delegitimization of the PP as a political force," he asserts

• “Why do you demand of others what you do not demand of yourself? Why do you ask the PP what you do not ask yourself? I'm not going to the and you more but to the and you what ”, says Martínez-Almeida, who recalls that no one asked the PSOE to change its headquarters or name after the conviction by the ERE,” the biggest case of corruption in democracy ”

• Underlines that, given the serious situation the country is going through, the PP “has to be the alternative to Sánchez's PSOE in its coalition government with Podemos and in the Frankenstein government with its investiture partners

• It is congratulated that the municipalities can have their resources, after the parliamentary defeat of the decree confiscating local savings. "We need to be allowed to use the remaining treasury and, those who do not have it, to be endowed with funds"

• "I am glad that the Government makes a virtue of necessity and that it does not continue on the path of not talking to the municipalities", highlights the national spokesman of the PP

• He defends the modification of the election process for the members of the CGPJ, thus responding to the "echo of society", and refuses to agree with Podemos "which has delegitimized and attacked the judiciary"

• "Judges cannot pretend to govern who understands that the judiciary must be attacked and that their independence must not be respected, as Podemos has done"

• It denounces the “Phariseeism” of the PSOE, because while it appeals to unity and lend its shoulder from the Government of the nation, it “incites the ghost” of the motion of censure in the Community of Madrid

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