Martínez-Almeida on the royal decree on local spending: "Moncloa does not have to tell us where to apply the money"
Today, during an interview on esRadio

The PP spokesman emphasizes that the municipalities, "which are at street level," are the ones who know the true needs of their cities.

It demands the Government of Sánchez to rectify after "the exercise of arrogance that it has shown in front of the mayors throughout these months", "without giving them the opportunity to negotiate."

"I hope they abandon their arrogance, they sit down with us and we talk, because the situation of the municipalities is beginning to be desperate," says the popular leader, who quantifies the loss that the councils may suffer this year at 400 million euros.

It stresses the need to influence economic reactivation and help the tourism sector, which is experiencing a "dramatic" situation.

He warns the Government that "with the political maneuver of setting up an investigation commission" they are not going to get the PP to stop doing its part, "even more so given the epidemiological, economic and social situation that the country is going through." "They are not interested in regeneration or transparency," says Martínez-Almeida, but "take the main opposition party off the political board."

"If they want an investigative commission that has no interest in knowing the truth but rather in a kind of political lynching against the current leadership of the PP, we are not going to be Christians in the Roman circus," he asserts.

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