El portavoz nacional del Partido Popular, José Luis Martínez-Almeida

  • “Of course, Spanish society can handle the situation we are going through! The question is whether Pedro Sánchez can and if he is at the level of Spanish society and the challenges that lie ahead ”, he says regarding the title of the President of the Government's conference before businessmen
  • The PP spokesman assures that Casado will attend the meeting on Wednesday in Moncloa with the "best predisposition", but warns that he will not go to "take his picture." "We want to talk about Spain and the Spanish, because it is time for the Government to stop thinking about itself and worry about the interests of citizens"
  • Alert about the “anomaly” that implies that Sánchez has not summoned Casado in the “six hardest months in the recent history of Spain” and points out that this is incompatible with appealing to unity, as the president of the government
  • He affirms that it should be Pedro Sánchez who will listen to the businessmen: "He is very used to talking, but not to hearing what the Spanish think of his management and lack of measures"
  • Regarding the processing of the PGE, it indicates that first it will be necessary to see if the parties that make up the Government are capable of reaching an agreement among themselves and then make them known before seeking support: set an example "
  • It demands from the Executive a stable regulatory framework and coordination instruments that allow it to face the management of the pandemic with the best guarantees "so that this is not a every man for himself of each one of the CCAA "
  • It highlights that the PP has been demanding from the Government for months instruments of coordination with the CCAA, through an emergency procedure, without the need to resort to the declaration of the state of alarm
  • "Whoever says that it is always the fault of others, without assuming their responsibility, is making a mistake," says Martínez-Almeida in relation to the way of "disengaging" from Sánchez regarding the CCAA
  • It demands the Executive to guarantee a safe return to classrooms and that the educational gap produced as a result of the pandemic does not worsen and criticizes that Education has not made "any coordination effort or has taken the necessary measures"
  • Calls on the Executive to disallow "immediately" the new "challenge" of Quim Torra and to apply current legislation
  • It demands from the Government "immediate and effective" solutions so that "no one is left behind" as a consequence of the pandemic and qualifies as "very poor" the execution data of the IMV, an instrument "fundamental to prevent a social gap from occurring"

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