Mary Shelley shared a life with her writing. Although he was short and at 53 he died. The fluctuations in Europe made it, at some times of his life, a true nomad. However, he only seemed to avoid a life in England full of debts and languages ​​that spoke more about the account. Because, in reality, his travels always orbited around the Breton Island, and he returned home as soon as he had occasion.

English, then, by birth, she rubbed shoulders with members of the intellectuality of the country and the continent. The figures of his mother, a feminist poet killed in childbirth, greatly influenced his thinking; that of his father, William Godwin; and her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley.

"I don't want women to have more power than men, but to have more power over themselves."

Mary maintained a certain public ostracism, because their political ideas and their conception of love relationships were considered libertine. Although he never fully implemented it, or so it is believed, he was a supporter of free love. In this way, their circle of friendships was reduced (in many cases) to those who shared their ideas. Those who were later labeled as bohemian or romantic. Among them, the well-known romantic poet Lord Byron, with whom his stepsister came to have a daughter. He also favored, for example, animal rights. And she was vegetarian (the same, in fact, as her monster Frankenstein).

"I love life, even though it is nothing more than a cluster of anguish, and I will defend it."

He had many chapters of depression in his life. Many caused by abortions or the deaths of several of his sons and daughters. Only one lived, Percy Florence Shelley.

During the last years of her life, she dedicated herself to the rewriting and memory of her husband's work, who died in a maritime shipwreck. She died of a brain tumor that had previously paralyzed much of her body.

Advanced in his time in ideals, and accompanied by romanticism in too many facets of his life, his person has given rise to a wide spectrum of works. Here you have a song, a movie, a story, an essay and a book.

Bob Dylan based his All Along the Watchtower in verses of the well-known classic of Shelley, Frankenstein. Especially when the ‘monster’ kills its creator’s wife. As a curiosity, to say that it is the song that Dylan has played more times live. Something will have.

The movie Mary Shelley. A feature film based on the life of the author, especially in the chapter of the writing of Frankenstein. It was summer and four young people were in Switzerland, hence the germ was born. Then came the problems of editing and recognition. A good introduction to Shelley's life. In fact, it is part of many more books or lives of authors who have taken to the big screen.

Remembering Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Those children and their lessons_AliciaIn Good night tales for rebel girls 2 The figure of Mary Shelley appears. Obviously he is a character with strength and ideals that can inspire boys and girls. A delicate and careful story about his life.

Essay Frankenstein. Annotated edition for scientists, creators and curious in general It is a review of this work from the vision of experts. It includes the original text of Shelley, but provides footnotes with small studies or essays of the text and its connotations.

Finally, the book we could not leave is his own Frankenstein. The monster that embodies that human aspiration to create life. To believe that we are little gods. Its depth is sharp, and its enriching reading. Although it should be noted that his work had much more supply, he published three more novels, apart from writing poetry and historical or travel books.

So that, Mary Shelley had an abrupt and remarkable life. A figure of this caliber, and that has inspired so many artists later, should not be forgotten. This is our little tribute to an author that we do not want to darken under the men who starred in her life.

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