Gala of the XXII Max Performing Arts Awards

The gala will take place at 8 pm at the Teatro Calderón in Valladolid

Concha Velasco will receive the Max de Honor Prize in her hometown

TVE will broadcast the gala live and in high definition by The 2, within a special program dedicated to the theater

"The party of freedom". This is the motto on which the XXII edition of the Max Awards that SGAE Foundation organizes this afternoon, at 8 pm, at the Calderón Theater in Valladolid, a gala that will highlight the Castilian-Leonese culture through the arts, tradition and the avant-garde. The gala will be broadcasted by La 2 of Radio Televisión Española live and for the first time in high definition.

Organized by the SGAE Foundation, with the collaboration of the City Council of Valladolid and the Foundation of Universities and Higher Education of the Junta de Castilla y León, the awards for excellence of the Spanish Performing Arts will run for a holiday in which it will be celebrated before all freedom.

"We want the Max Awards to be a celebration of freedom, to give voice to all people and groups, always with respect, and to remind us that art, in any of its forms, should not be persecuted," he explained. Ana Graciani, which highlights that the gala is not just an awards ceremony, it is a unique show with a specific theme.

The great celebration of the Performing Arts arrives, for the first time, to Castilla y León, in a week that also celebrates the 20th edition of the International Festival of Theater and Street Arts of Valladolid, whose artists will liven up the red carpet prior to start of the gala, starting at 6pm.

The scenic director Ana Zamora leads a luxury team, made up of Elisa Sanz as a stage designer, winner of seven Max Awards, and Deborah Macías as costume designer and costume designer. Wheat, blue and gold colors will turn a sober proscenium into a brilliant field of Castile. A predominantly female team for prizes in which "this year women represent 53% of the finalists", as Graciani explained.

"The gala will be a holiday, from dawn to night," Zamora clarified. "The commitment of the SGAE Foundation to give it a theme and creative freedom when developing it has allowed us to build a party in which we have a group of people who are committed to an idea to transmit some principles from the scenic and the theatrical. "

On the stage, as master of ceremonies, the actor from Valladolid will meet Fernando Cayo (Dress of Púgil and with shirt of Darío Beltrán) that will lead the gala in its diverse moments: morning, afternoon and night. "It is a pride to present a gala that has personality and content, a celebration that celebrates the Performing Arts without copying the strategies of galas of cinematographic awards from other countries," he said.

The feeling of vindication of the Castilian art is the one that has prevailed at the time of fitting all the artistic proposals of the gala. A festival of the arts capable of combining tradition and avant-garde through recitals and performances that go from the dulzaineros and cabezudos to contemporary dance and pop today. The performances of Sílvia Pérez Cruz (dressed in Cortana), the Burgos group LA MODA, Amancio Prada, Eliseo Parra (Vertize Gala), Julia de Castro (dressed in Armani, with a dress by Leandro Cano in photocall), Nuevo Mester de Juglaría, Let the children play Big Band and in the memory figures like Agapito Marazuela, Luis Rosales or Miguel Hernández.

A XII edition that will have exceptional contributions to deliver the 22 prizes (19 of the finalist categories and three special prizes): Charo López, Lucía Miranda (dressed as Anita's Singer), Lucía Quintana, Marta Poveda, Ginés García Millán and Óscar de la Source (Dresses by Vertize Gala), Ana Otero (dressed by Laura Bernal), Alba Frechilla and María Negro (dressed as La Novia & Co).

Special broadcast in the Sala Berlanga

For the first time, fans of the Performing Arts have the opportunity to follow the Max 2019 Awards Gala live (streaming, today from 8 pm) from Sala Berlanga in Madrid (c / Andrés Mellado, 53. Limited capacity).

The SGAE Foundation has enabled the broadcast of the gala on the big screen for all fans of theater and dance who wish to live live the excitement of the award ceremony. A perfect occasion to meet in a room equipped to enjoy the most awaited ceremony of the year for the professionals of the world of Performing Arts, accompanied by the finalist companies.

At the end of the broadcast, there will be a raffle among the attendees to attend as a public the Max 2020 Awards (travel and stay for two people).

Three special prizes

Organized by the SGAE Foundation since 1998, the Max Awards, whose prize is designed by the poet and artist Joan Brossa (Barcelona-1919/1998), promoter of one of the renewing collectives of post-war Spanish art, have been consolidated as over these years as the broadest recognition in the field of Performing Arts in the Spanish State, reaching a growing number of followers and arousing the interest of companies of all types and throughout the national territory.

These awards celebrate 23 years keeping their three special awards: Max honor award, that this year has distinguished the figure of Concha Velasco as a pioneer of Spanish musical theater; the Amateur Max Award or of a social nature, which in its XXII edition share ex aequo the Alicante company Taules Teatre and the riojana The Garnacha Theater, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the Performing Arts; and the Max Public Award, granted to Genovese de Groc Teatre, by adding the highest number of votes through the online application #VotaMax

The Organizing Committee of the XXII edition of the Max Performing Arts Awards is composed of Ana Graciani, president of the SGAE Foundation; Pilar Jurado, president of the SGAE; the playwrights Juan Luis Mira, Paloma Pedrero and Óscar Castaño 'Garbitxu' (president of the Territorial Committee of SGAE in Euskadi); and the members of the School of Great Right of the SGAE Eduardo Galán, Yolanda García Serrano and the choreographer María Pagés.

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