Winners of the XXII Max Awards of Performing Arts, 2018-2019

The Jury for the Selection of Winners of the XXII edition of the Max Awards for Performing Arts, 2019, chaired by Ms. Teresa Nieto (President), Mr. Eloy Arenas, Ms. Mar Gómez and Ms. Doña Pedrero, as well as Ms. Yolanda García Serrano, as representative of the Organizing Committee (without vote) and Ms. Andrea de Gregorio, Coordinator of the Scenic Arts Department of Fundación SGAE, as Secretary without vote.

Reports that the XXII edition of the Max Performing Arts Awards have attended a total of 366 shows inscribed, of which 119 they were candidates, Y 35 were finalists. The latter being reviewed and analyzed by the present jury within the deadline established by the organization and, after the deliberations made today by the members of the jury, agree to proclaim as winners of the XXII edition of the Max Performing Arts Awards, 2019 to the following shows and professionals, ordered by category (nineteen):

1.- Best theater show

The Tenderness of City Theater and Abbey Theater.

two.- Best dance show

Scream pelao of Compañía Rocío Molina – Danza Molina, S.L.

3.- Best musical or lyrical show

The crazy opera of Klemark Theater Shows S.A, Rami Eldar and Yllana Productions.

4.- Best street show

Floats He said. David Moreno & Cristina Calleja.

5.- Best show for children, youth or family audiences

Dices of Ventrículo Veloz, S.L.U.

6.- Best revelation show

Iphigenia in Vallecas by Serena Producciones, S.L.

7.- Best theatrical authorship

– Josep Mª Miró i Coromina for Temps Salvatge.

8.- Best revelation authorship

Daniel J. Meyer for A.K.A. (Also Known As).

9.- Better adaptation or theatrical version

Jordi Prat i Coll by Els jocs florals of Canprosa.

10 Better musical composition for stage show

Sílvia Pérez Cruz for Scream pelao.

eleven.- Better choreography

Sharon Fridman for Erritu

12.- Best stage direction

Xavier Albertí for Temps Salvatge.

13.- Best design of scenic space

Curt Allen Wilmer by Lehman Trilogy.

14.- Best costume design

Deborah Macias for Comedy Aquilana.

fifteen.- Better lighting design

Juanjo Llorens for The curious incident of the dog at midnight.

16.- Best actress protagonist

María Hervás for Iphigenia in Vallecas.

17.- Best leading actor

Albert Salazar for A.K.A. (Also Known As).

18.- Better feminine interpreter of dance

Eva Yerbabuena for Tales of sugar.

19.- Best male dance performer

Daniel Doña for Psyche.

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