El senador del Partido Popular, Rodrigo Mediavilla

The spokesman for the Defense of the Popular Parliamentary Group and senator for Palencia, Rodrigo Mediavilla, has stated that “our men and women in the Armed Forces have been in the first line of fire and have fought the virus, falling ill on numerous occasions and in some others giving their lives ”.

During his speech at the appearance of the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, in the Senate, the PP spokesman recalled the members of the Armed Forces who died during Operation Balmis and assured that "all of them will remain forever in memory collective not only of their colleagues, but of all the Spanish, because they gave their lives for us. ”

Mediavilla has valued the work carried out by the State Security Forces and Bodies, and has highlighted that “our National Police and Civil Guard have once again shown their dedication, courage and courage in this common struggle of all society "

In addition, although he has recognized Minister Robles that the balance of Operation Balmis is "positive and has contributed to saving thousands of human lives", he has denounced the "disappointing" management of the pandemic carried out by the rest of the executive ministers.


On the other hand, Rodrigo Mediavilla has reproached the minister for not having implemented an action plan against pandemics, despite the fact that the National Security Strategy, of the year 2017, includes the need to develop action plans against “threats and challenges ", at the same level as terrorism, economic instability, energy vulnerability or migratory movements.

Likewise, the popular senator has criticized that the Government did not take measures before to face the virus, since from January 30 the WHO was warned of the risk of COVID-19, and that the Security Council Nacional, meeting on March 4, "will not take precautions in the face of the health crisis."

Mediavilla has also pointed out that the Army, through the document Qualitative Report Long-Term Epidemic Prediction, warns of a possible second outbreak between November and February of next year, for which it has recommended Robles "take note and ensure permanent availability of sanitary material ”.


Regarding the de-escalation plan of the Armed Forces "de-escalated" in the case of Defense, the Defense spokesman of the GPP has shown his surprise at the reduction in the percentages. "It strikes us that phase 1 incorporates 20% of the personnel, in phase 2 40% and in phase 3 70%, when in the moments of greater virulence of the virus it has worked at 50%".

He has also denounced the use of rapid tests for both the staff that joins, and for the students of the Academies, when even Minister Illa says that they are of little reliability. In his opinion, PCR or, where appropriate, others of a molecular nature should be performed, since the rapids do not detect the virus, but the antibodies and have a failure rate of between 40 and 60%.

"So far, how many rapid tests and how many PCRs have been carried out on our Armed Forces? Were you tested in any way before sending them to their homes? Has any test been carried out as they rejoin? He asked the Defense Minister.

During her intervention in the Defense Commission, Mediavilla has also asked the minister to authorize the personnel who participate in activities to deal with COVID to move between the destination and her family residence, and to carry out the appropriate procedures to facilitate recognition as act of service to those who have participated in the Operation. "It is something fair that our military deserve," he said.


On the other hand, Mediavilla has expressed its concern about the World Military Games that were held in the second half of October in Wuhan, and has pointed out that at least 14 of the 169 participants suffered strange flu symptoms, either during their stay or during their stay. I return to spain.

"Has any control or follow-up been carried out on those who participated, whether they are athletes or staff from the Spanish delegation? Have you maintained any contact with their counterparts from other participating countries on this specific matter with the effect of exchanging information and collaboration ? ”, The senator of the PP has been interested.


Regarding the general lines of the Ministry, Mediavilla has asked Minister Robles that "the economic crisis does not serve to cut or freeze the already meager remuneration of our Armed Forces, or to cut the Defense budget."

He has also shown his support for the defense industry and recalled that many of these companies have offered their sanitary materials, such as lung ventilators. "They have known how to lean on the shoulder in the worst moments our country has experienced," he asserted.

"Our country needs a solid industrial sector and defense is a fundamental pillar of this industrial fabric," said Mediavilla. For this reason, it has expressed its disagreement with the decision to withdraw the Blas de Lezo frigate from the fleet of the American aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, since it has been able to contribute "to the loss of contracts for our national industry, such as the design of ten frigates for the American navy ”.

Regarding the modernization programs of the Armed Forces, it has demanded, once the health crisis is overcome, to continue working in that line, such as the 8×8 Wheeled Combat Vehicle, the Future Combat Air System (FCAS) or the F-110 frigates of the Navy, has ended.

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