The president of the Spanish Association of Banking (AEB), José María Roldán, held a meeting last Friday, June 19, with representatives of companies and business organizations of the International Relations Commission (CEOE Internacional).

The meeting, led by the President of CEOE Internacional, has been a great opportunity to learn first-hand about the situation and the challenges presented by the Spanish economy and banking, both nationally and internationally, after the COVID-19 crisis .

Firstly, the relevance of the Spanish foreign sector was highlighted as a key element for the recovery of the country's economy, as well as the impact of the pandemic on the sector and on the internationalization process of Spanish companies.

On the other hand, in the international context, it was revealed how the health crisis has unleashed a series of challenges to globalization, since it has accelerated trends that have been observed in recent years, such as the resurgence of protectionism.

Likewise, the situation of Spanish banks after the crisis, its important role in the economy, and its willingness to help the business network in its recovery were highlighted.

In summary, the meeting has provided a valuable opportunity to obtain a clear vision of the international situation from the perspective of Spanish banks.

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