Representatives of the educational field of the PSOE-Sergio Gutiérrez, president of the Education Commission, and FP of the Congress; Mª Luz Martínez Seijo, spokesperson for the PSOE in the Education Commission; and Maribel García, deputy spokesman of the PSOE in the Education Commission-, have met with members of Catholic Schools -José María Alvira, general secretary; Luis Centeno, deputy general secretary; and Juan Manuel Ruiz, director of the Legal Department.

At the meeting, which took place in a cordial environment, the PSOE representatives have exposed some of the fundamental lines of the Government's education policy and the new Education Law that they hope to pass soon. As explained by the representatives of the PSOE, the project that will be presented in Parliament is the one that is already known, and that was already presented in the previous legislature.

For their part, the representatives of Catholic Schools have reiterated their point of view on the current educational policy and, in particular, on some aspects of the new Law.

Both parties, which have revealed both the coincidences and the discrepancies that they maintain on these issues, have made clear their desire to reach agreements and avoid extreme positions. They have committed to continue contacts to make possible an educational law with the maximum possible agreement.

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