After an intense working meeting with the director of the department of companies and organizations of CEOE, Mr. Javier Calderón, with the head of area of ​​the organizations department, Dª Mar Nuñez and with the director of companies, David Quinzán, the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Advanced Services to Companies (AESAE) met, for more than an hour, with the president of CEOE, Mr. Antonio Garamendi.

In addition to Mar Nuñez and Javier Calderón, the president of AESAE, Ramón Mª Calduch, and the vice presidents of said association, Beatriz Grande, Antonio Aladueña, Francisco Sanchez, Emilio José García and Agustín Born participated in the meeting with the CEO of CEOE.

During the meeting, both current economic issues were discussed, such as the participation of AESAE in the Board of Directors and the different CEOE commissions and the management's position regarding the regulatory changes raised by the Government.

AESAE has joined as a sector association in CEOE and participates with three members in the General Assembly (Ramón Mª Calduch, Beatriz Grande and Pedro Rosado), one position on the Board of Directors (Beatriz Grande) and 27 members in different Commissions. The Spanish Association of Advanced Services to Companies, wants to be a meeting point, not only for its own members, but also, for all entrepreneurs and companies in the SAE Sector.

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