Contact with the committee of entities representing people with disabilities. The GP VOX in Aragon has held a meeting with the governing body of CERMI Aragon.

Spokesman and coordinator of the parliamentary group, this morning they visited those responsible for people with disabilities in Aragon. This group has around 100,000 people throughout the community.

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the CERMI in Zaragoza. There, those responsible have explained to the representatives of VOX how they carry out the defense of the rights of people with disabilities. In the fields of physical / organic, intellectual, mental and sensory disability.

Main concerns

The main one, the economic sustainability of the entities that make up the committee. CERMI points out that "the financing system is not adequate." And that "the subsidy doesn't sound good to anyone." But these entities provide all the services that the associations need. That is why they claim not to depend on political ups and downs and that there is sustainability. Something that could occur via allocation, and with which VOX initially agrees.

They have also been concerned about accessibility. "We want to have the same right as the rest of the people" they have pointed out. And for the development of the disability law approved in Aragon at the end of the last legislature that is currently paralyzed.

In this sense, the representatives of VOX have offered to collaborate, from their task of opposition and control, in order to make this law effective.

Members of the CERMI governing body participated in the meeting. Its president Luis Gonzaga, the vice presidents Marta Valencia and Concepción López, and the secretary José Luis Catalán. On the part of the VOX GP in Aragon, Santiago Morón and Julio de Santa Ana.

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