The president of the Provincial Executive Committee of VOX Zaragoza, Julio Calvo; and the vice president, Carlos Falcón, have held a meeting with the General Coordinator of Popular Consultation in Zaragoza, Wilson García; and the person in charge of Constitutional Support of the Committee, Juan Ignacio Patacho Rodríguez.

The meeting reported on the situation in Venezuela. And specifically, from the popular consultation that on December 12, the more than six million Venezuelans who are in exile are called to answer.

VOX Zaragoza has shown all its support for Consulta Popular and Venezuela, which suffers the communist barbarism orchestrated by the dictator Nicolás Maduro. The ‘elections’ that Maduro proposes are not such, since he lacks a transparent and legitimate suffrage. In fact, Maduro does not have international recognition as Head of State either. VOX Zaragoza is on the side of democracy.

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