Meeting with the artistic team of «Mirror of victim»

The National Dramatic Center organizes this Tuesday, April 2 a meeting on the occasion of the representation of Mirror of victim. In this way, the audience can ask questions and comments to the artistic team of the work once the representation ends.

As the dramatist explains Ignacio del Moral, the work consists of two short theatrical pieces, "La pity" and "The odious", "two rabid texts that aim to cause perplexity in the viewer."

For the director Eduardo Vasco, "It was a text that, as a theater man, I wanted to address, because it meant doing a very clean theater work with respect to the interpretative and the text, which moves away from the tendency that we see so much now and that has to do with the artifice almost frivolous ».

At the meeting, speakers will participate:

  • Ignacio del MoralDramatist
  • Eduardo Vasco: address.
  • Jesus Noguero: actor.
  • Eva Rufo: actress

The dialogue with the artistic team of Mirror of victim will be held once the performance of the work is finished, at 7:45 p.m. Hall of the Princess of the María Guerrero Theater of Madrid (Calle de Tamayo y Baus, 4).

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