Meeting with the artistic team of «Passion (Tragic Farce)»

The National Dramatic Center (CDN) organize tomorrow Tuesday, April 30 a meeting with the artistic team of «Passion (Tragic Farce)» directed to the public that attends the representation of the function that day.

At the meeting, speakers will participate:

  • Artistic team: Ester Bellver (Address), Pablo Menor Palomo (Scenography and Costumes), Pablo Cediel (Musical composition) and Roberto García Tomé (Advisor verse).
  • Distribution: Charo Gallego, Rosa Herrera, Daniel Moreno, Lidia Otón, Jose Luis Sendarrubias, Asier Tartás, José Troncoso Y Felipe García Vélez.

«Passion (Tragic Farce)», with text from Agustín García Calvo? and address Ester Bellver, is a research project of the Rivas Cherif Laboratory of the National Dramatic Center. The work presents an athlete of recognized talent in the art of ascending the cucaña aspires to be the fastest in the competition and get the «golden cock».

The dialogue with the artistic team will take place, after the representation of the work, at 7:30 p.m. in the Francisco Nieva Room of the Valle-Inclán Theater (Plazuela de Ana Diosdado s / n, Plaza de Lavapiés).

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