Meeting with the artistic team of «Shock (El Cóndor y el Puma)»

Shock (The Condor and the Puma) is inspired by the book The doctrine of shock of Naomi Klein. In this title, the author defends the hypothesis that capitalism takes advantage of the shock derived from catastrophes to impose its policies. According to this theory, the first experiment was carried out after the coup d'état of the general Pinochet about the Government of Salvador Allende.

Andrés Lima, one of those responsible for the text and dramaturgy in addition to the director of Shock (The Condor and the Puma), affirms that the work sustains the idea that "in some way those who participate in all these shocks, once dead, continue to resurrect in the figure of others to continue applying the same policies".

Albert Boronat, also in charge of the text and dramaturgy, defends the actuality of the work. «Why does everything we see on the scene talk about us? Not for a simple museum question. But why do we continue to buy that ultraliberal model that is imposed on the basis of blood and fire in a certain way?

If you want to know more about the work, the National Dramatic Center has organized on Thursday, May 9 a meeting with the artistic team that will be held prior to the representation of the work, at 18.00, at Valle-Inclán Theater of Madrid (Plazuela de Ana Diosdado s / n, Plaza de Lavapiés).

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