11-27-2019 | Cs

The deputy of Cs criticizes that Calvo 'legitimizes the relations between the government of Spain and that of the Generalitat, and ensures that' if the PSOE rectifies and the PP is rolled up we can reach an agreement '

The deputy of the Parliamentary Group Citizens, Melisa Rodríguez, has made a new appeal "to Sanchez to recover sanity and have a government to meet the challenges we face."

Rodríguez, who has attended the media during the celebration of the Permanent Deputation of the Congress of Deputies, has criticized that the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, "legitimizes relations between the Government of Spain and that of the Generalitat" and has ensured that "if the PSOE reconsiders its position and the PP is rolled up we can reach an agreement."

“How much will Mr. Sanchez's obsession cost our country and how much will he sell us by sitting with ERC?”, The deputy of the liberal formation has reproached, while explaining that Citizens “has been able to reach to agreements with PP and PSOE that had 100 points in common with each other, so they are not as far away as they want to appear. ”

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