The national deputy Lourdes Méndez has asked the Secretary of State of the Ministry of the Interior, Rafael Pérez, in relation to the measures and lack of security against COVID-19 of the police and citizens.

During his speech in Congress, Méndez recalled that 22,000 irregular immigrants have entered Spain in ten months, of which more than 2,000 have entered this summer through the Murcian coast and more than 200 every week.

The national deputy has specified that these illegals come from Algeria to the coasts of the Region of Murcia and has asked Pérez “why cannot this invasion be stopped, aggravated by the current extreme pandemic situation, why the Spaniards cannot pass from one Community to another, but those who come from Algeria are welcomed with open arms, why far from stopping this avalanche they produce an irresponsible call effect that benefits the mafias ”.

Lourdes Méndez has reproached the Secretary of State for allowing the payment of 2,000 or 3,000 euros to the mafia to enter a boat, "go on a boat, stay in a hotel for 12 days and give you clothing and food, in addition to perform the PCR and then they let you loose and pay you the bus ticket to wherever you want to go. You are illegal but you can register to receive aid ", to which he added:" Our Police and Civil Guard are facing this avalanche without sufficient protection measures, with little equipment, without PCRs, with a simple mask, overflowing and with a strong pressure ”.

Méndez has also affirmed that there have been “12 police officers to control 400 immigrants or two Civil Guards with two Sworn Guards and 100 of them, it is unsustainable since the templates that immigration receives are at the limit of their physical and mental capacity . Furthermore, all this causes leaving without resources and without units to maintain security and order throughout the territory.
Finally, the deputy for Murcia in Congress has asked Rafael Pérez where they go, what they live on and where the immigrants who leave wandering the streets reside, without knowing if they have a criminal record.

“You know that they cannot be identified when illegals go without documentation because there is no means of doing so. Therefore, they can fail to comply with all the measures of confinement of the state of alarm and increase the risk with absolute impunity but the Spaniards and legal residents are fined not ”, Méndez has specified to the secretary.

The national deputy has ended her speech recognizing that the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias is the culprit “of putting the health and safety of our FFCCSE and all citizens at risk, not only because they are unable to stop this invasion but also because of encourage her ", and added:" The solution is not patches or hotels and since they cannot be repatriated, the only solution is to end the call effect and prevent them from entering Spain. "

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