Mendy: "Playing at Real Madrid was my dream as a child"

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NEWS | 11/18/2019

The French side was the protagonist of a new installment of the ‘Field of Stars’ program by Realmadrid TV.

Ferland Mendy He starred in a new installment of the program Star field, from Realmadrid TV. The French side spoke of his beginnings in football: "In my neighborhood there was a field that was behind my house, just behind my block. It was a field of stones, with goals without networks and that's where I started playing with the kids in my neighborhood. When I had the ball I loved to haggle and make noise when I left another player. I played forward, then left inside and until today left back. "

“My dream as a child was to play with him Real Madrid and in the end I could get it. It was a satisfaction. It is a dream to play in the best team in the world. There are not many opportunities like this in life and when you get one you have to take it. The day of the presentation I was very nervous to see so many people in front of me. It was the first time it happened to me. When I jumped on the lawn of Bernabeu I was impressed. ”

Give the maximum

“The day I debuted with him Real Madrid it was special. I wanted to make a good impression, do it well … I knew that against Bayern Munich it was going to be a difficult game. But it is a pleasure to wear the Real Madrid shirt and my intention is to give everything every time I wear it. "


“It was with 14 years, almost 15, on the left hip. That they tell you at that age that football is over for you, that you will not play anymore … I thought that I would never fulfill my dream. I was in the hospital for two months with both legs in plaster. That's when I understood that I had to learn to walk again. I started and spent about four or five months in rehab. I learned to walk a month later. Although forcing enough, because it kept hurting for one or two years. "

Dressing this shirt is a pleasure and I will give it my every time I wear it.

"At the end of the rehabilitation, I started walking on crutches and then they taught me to walk straight. I touched a ball a year later. These are things that I don't forget and that made me stronger mentally."

His character

“When I was little I loved to make jokes. Now to make jokes I have the language barrier, but in Lyon and Le Havre I was very joking. I love to play jokes and laugh because I am like that. It's my way of being: joking with everyone and spreading laughter. ”

“I feel that the people of my town are aware of me. So from time to time I go to visit them because my close friends are still living there. I know where I come from. I come from very below and then with my progression and my work, and if everything goes well because football is never known, but I'm going to set myself the goal that I can reach ”.


“When I fail I know perfectly where I did it. I talk to my sisters at the end of the game and I know that in those minutes I did not do well. For example, I lost four balls in the first part and two in the second. I am self-critical. I know when I have done well and when not. ”

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