Mendy: "The Classic is not lived the same way as another game"

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NEWS | 02/28/2020

"In Real Madrid you want to win everything, even in training it is like that," he explained in an interview with Realmadrid TV.

In his first season as a Real Madrid player, Mendy granted an interview to Realmadrid TV in which he talked about the Classic and what it has meant for him to reach the best club in the world: “The Real Madrid It is the determination to win everything, to get everything. Get each trophy and try to win the most matches. Be as long as possible at a very high level. It is the requirement, even when you lose in a workout you dislike it. When you win, everything is fine. They are the real desire to always win. Even in training it is like that. No matter the exercise, you want to win. When you're there, when you train, you want to win absolutely everything. ”

“It's true that my first Classic was special. He had already played at the Camp Nou with Lyon, but with the shirt of the Madrid It's another environment, it's different. It is a match that is not lived in the same way as another. It's a game you want to win. ”


“In the first encounter with Zidane We talked and he told me that he was welcome, that he was one more player on his team and that he showed what I am worth, that he gave everything. ”

Differences between Spanish and French football

“The difference is that the level of play is higher. When you are going to train it is to work, reach that level as soon as possible and demonstrate it in the matches. Above all, demonstrate your level. The game with the ball is faster, more displacements, more races, that makes the difference between the League and Ligue 1. You can lose against a team that is at the bottom of the table, but plays as one that is at the top of Ligue 1. ”

Game by game I let go and I hope to reach the maximum to contribute more in attack.

“When you get to a new team it is difficult to let go directly, but I think that game by game I will let go and I hope to reach the maximum to contribute more in attack. I am more focused on defending well than on attacking. In Lyon I defended less and attacked a lot, so I have to find the intermediate point to do it well. ”

Your assistance in the derby

“I go inside to free Vinicius Jr. He holds the ball, I go deep and passes it to me. Then I see that Karim It is unchecked and I do not doubt it, I put a powerful center and he marks. I had seen him before centering and did not hesitate. We know well that Karim likes the ball there and it came out perfect. ”


“I talk a lot with Karim, he gives me a lot of advice and we also talk about how he likes to get the ball. I understand very well with Benzema on and off the pitch, so I try my best to give him good balls. ”

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