La senadora por Asturias, Mercedes Fernández

He asks for clarification on what increase, if any, has been transferred in the PGE to the increase in pensions and based on what revaluation criteria

The PP senator for Asturias, Mercedes Fernández, has reminded Minister José Luis Escrivá, that it is up to the Government "to establish a legal framework that fulfills the constitutional mandate of guaranteeing adequate and periodically updated pensions."

In this sense, the PP senator has indicated that, since the General State Budgets for 2021 are already agreed within the Government coalition, and very spoken with the investiture partners and that there will be new accounts, as has been assured by the Minister of Labor in an interview published last weekend; "We would like to know what support these Budgets are going to give our pensioners, what increase, if any, have they transferred to the accounts and based on what revaluation criteria".

Fernández was referring to this in the course of his question to the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, in which he has been interested in the Government's plans on the revaluation of pensions in the future.

In her speech, Mercedes Fernández stressed that the revaluation of pensions is a transcendental issue for Spanish society as a whole and guaranteeing the sustainability of the public pension system is a “fundamental objective”.

Thus, it has affirmed that the works and agreements of the Toledo Pact are "essential" and the "slamming door" starring Podemos in 2019 should not occur again, after three years of work. "Those who then dynamited the Toledo Pact agreements are now comfortably installed in the macro-government of Sánchez," he remarked.

"We are firm supporters of the works of the Toledo Pact and we believe that this is where the debate on pensions should take place, not on all the social policies that the Government may deploy," he said.

Although he has acknowledged that "we are facing an economically altered situation due to a pandemic that is devastating us all, we want to know with complete precision the criteria that it is going to transfer to pensions", since the PGE have not been sent on September 30 , as the budget law says.

Next, he pointed out that, over the years, the approaches of Escrivá and his colleagues in the Government have varied. In her opinion, “telling a Spanish pensioner that in the horizon of many years he will maintain his purchasing power, it does not seem serious, nor rigorous, and neither does he seem supportive,” said the popular senator.

The senator of the PP for Asturias has referred that of the 21 recommendations of the Toledo Pact, the second is the maintenance of purchasing power and improvement of pensions; and the Government has opted for the CPI as a criterion for revaluation of pensions. "Well, at the moment we are in negative rates of the CPI and it is predicted that at the end of the year we could be around 0%; pensioners would retain their purchasing power but their pensions would not rise ”, he has finished.

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