"They are not aware that Spain is going through the second wave of the virus and that perhaps we are close to the third and that it is our agents who are exposed in the first line." This is the reproach that the VOX senator for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, addressed the Secretary of State for Security, Rafael Pérez, this week in the Senate, in the debate about budgets in which an increase of 300 million euros is barely collected in the Interior game.

"At a time when Spain is experiencing the worst economic and social crisis, in his ministry there are 13 senior officials and 20 trusted advisers", criticized Merelo to underline that precisely, of the budget increase, 200 million are for personnel, "that is to say , to pay the salaries of the minister, senior officials and advisers ”. "All nonsense," he added.

With regard to the formation of the Security Forces and Bodies, Merelo has asked what is the forecast for the launch of the University Center of the National Police that is named in its explanatory report what is the total amount of the same. He has also criticized the low investment in police equipment -900,000 euros for the 80,000 agents that the General Directorate of the Police has – as well as in anti-riot equipment and equipment -1.2 million-.

“Both the lack of salary equalization of our State Security Forces and Bodies as that of our prison officials, the lack of necessary material, and the lack of investment in infrastructure, have been more than justified reasons when rejecting their budgets ”, Merelo has sentenced to explain the vote against VOX. Reasons to which, it is added that "between the welfare of the Spanish or that of the politicians, you decided that the politicians were first" and the senator from Ceuta has pointed this out to the Secretary of State.

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