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The deputy spokesman of the GPCs denounces that the recourse to the law of the Basque Parliament should have been presented by the Government 'but Sánchez has given himself to those who want to break Spain'

"Citizens appealed to the Constitutional Court the misnamed law of 'police abuses' of the Basque Parliament driven by PSOE and PNV because it is an infamy to the police, the Civil Guard and all the Spanish," said the deputy spokesman of the Group Parliamentary Citizens (GPCs), Joan Mesquida, after presenting the resource of the liberal formation before the TC.

Mesquida explained that the aforementioned law "is an infamy" towards the State Security Forces and Bodies "because it raises doubts about their actions", and recalled that in a democracy "it is the judges who determine whether or not there have been abuses, and in no case a commission composed of members of PNV and Bildu. "

In this regard, he stressed that it is also "an infamy to all Spaniards who trust in our democratic institutions and to all victims of terrorism in general, and in particular to the police and civil guards who were also victims."

The deputy spokesman has also reported that the appeal filed by the GPCs "should have been presented by the Government if it were not for Sanchez has given himself to those who want to break our country." "Sanchez weakens with this law to the State Security Forces and Bodies," Mesquida said. He stressed that Ciudadanos "will always be by his side and that of the victims, never on the side of the executioners."

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