"Metrology is playing a key role in the health crisis caused by the coronavirus"

"Metrology, as a science of measurements and their applications, has been fundamental in extreme situations such as the health emergency we are experiencing," explains the Secretary General for Industry and SMEs, Raül Blanco, who values ​​the importance of metrology. to calibrate sanitary instruments such as mechanical ventilation equipment.

The director of the CEM, José Manuel Bernabé, recalls the importance of data measurement in areas such as the fight against climate change or the development of industry 4.0 .: "The activities of our society require reliable measurements that support the advancement of science, commerce, product manufacturing and, of course, health. "

Regarding trade, which inspires the motto of 2020, Bernabé points out that metrology in this sector "plays a fundamental role in avoiding conflicts of interest in the parties to a transaction, guarantees trust between the actors involved and facilitates international free trade "

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