The Ministry of State for Migration is developing a pilot project aimed at children and grandchildren of Spaniards residing in Argentina, to whom a job search visa will be provided in Spain.

The project began on April 1 and will end in early 2020, when the final assessment of the number of workers who have obtained employment is made.

This type of visa offers its holders the advantage of traveling to Spain to obtain a job without any restrictions since, being children and grandchildren of Spaniards, the Law exempts them from assessing the national employment situation.

The project has been carried out in Argentina because it is the country that has the largest Spanish community abroad and also has a significant number of descendants of Spaniards. The predisposition by the Argentine labor and immigration authorities has been of continuous support.

Candidate Selection

Job search visas have had an excellent reception among Argentine professionals. A total of 3,064 applications have been submitted. After reviewing the applications, 1,084 candidates have been selected who meet the required requirements and exceed the minimum established score. As a reference, an initial figure of 500 visas had been authorized with the possibility of extending the number to 1,500 depending on the number of applications received.

The Secretary of State for Migration has designed a procedure in which very short management deadlines have been established and in which workers have the support and support of the Spanish Government from the time they are selected until they are established in Spain and sign your contract

The Spanish Public Employment Service will provide the holders of these visas the necessary resources for their job search, being able to start the process even before traveling to Spain. Those selected will obtain a three-month visa to legally reside in Spain while they find work. Once the contract is signed, they will obtain a residence and renewable work authorization, with the employer being responsible for making the request for said authorization electronically.

To support the job search process, the Secretary of State for Migration organized, in collaboration with the CEOE, a workshop that made it possible to inform the business sector of the existence of this project and the profile of the workers, in addition to facilitating contact between interested companies and selected candidates.

As noted by Consuelo Rumí, Secretary of State for Migration, "Thanks to this pilot program, a quota of visas is authorized for the first time for the group of children and grandchildren of Spanish people of origin. More than a thousand Argentine citizens may come to Spain with a visa that becomes work authorization when they have a contract.

It is an initiative that promotes safe, orderly and regular immigration, in line with the provisions of the Global Compact which was signed in Marrakech last year. The best employability profiles and the needs of Spanish companies have been taken into account in the selection. The main objective of this project is to consolidate a route of entry for professionals who, being of foreign nationality, maintain a link with Spain through their parents or grandparents. "

In the development of this project, the need of certain economic sectors, especially those related to technology, computer science, research, marketing and finance, to find professionals has been taken into account.

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