The debate of the plenary session of the Motril City Council in the month of September, has led to the rejection of two motions presented by the Municipal Group of VOX, in which it urged the Municipal Corporation to leave the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) , as well as to urge the National Government to review and expand agreements for the return of immigrants with their countries of origin, the elimination of subsidies to foundations, NGOs or associations of any kind that in any way collaborate with the mafias of human trafficking, or that the National Police and the Civil Guard be provided with more personal, legal and material resources to reinforce the surveillance, detention and retention of illegal immigrants who have arrived on our shores.

In the case of the motion for the exit of FEMP, the municipal spokesperson of VOX, Miguel Ángel López Fernández, points out the double yardstick of the Popular Party: <>

For its part, the motion to adopt measures to combat illegal immigration has only found the support of the Socialist Party, and has finally been rejected by the municipal government: <>, says Miguel Ángel López.

From VOX they affirm that what happened today is produced as a consequence of <> of the Popular Party: <>.

From the training chaired by Santiago Abascal, they affirm this situation does not lead to discouragement or worry them, and that it encourages them to continue with more force: <>, they conclude from VOX.

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