Miguel Ángel Paniagua


• Stresses that Sánchez "is not the president that Spain deserves or the one that the Spanish want" and that the PP, with thousands of proposals and solutions proposed in Congress, embodies "a different project" that transmits hope in the future to all Spanish people. "Another way of governing is possible", proclaims

• Warns that the fact that the economic recession "will be greater" in Spain than in other countries is due to the fact that the starting point was bad -the slowdown was denied-; that our vulnerability is greater due to the lack of control of public accounts and high debt; that he did not react in time -the initial diagnosis wasted key time-; and that the lack of coordination, delay and ineffectiveness of government measures will aggravate the depth of the recession and delay the exit from the crisis.

• Regrets that the result of handing over "all powers" to the Government through the State of Alarm has not been good for the country, due to "how" it has been used and having the possibility of deriving all measures through current laws . "We gave them maximum confidence and they give us maximum incompetence," he adds.

• He warns that Sánchez's way of legislating, with a government that "keeps Congress low," recalls "increasingly those from other latitudes who were advised by those who today sit on the Council of Ministers"

• “Sánchez is in moral selfishness; actions are morally correct if they produce positive consequences for the agent, that is, for Sánchez himself ”

• Announces the abstention of the PP in Royal Decree-Law 15/2020, and that it will request its processing as a Bill, "due to our disagreement with the way of legislating"

• He points out that the new regulation "maintains the problem" of the moratorium on the leasing of commercial premises and "offers no solution" to businessmen and self-employed tenants and without income

• Calls for an "immediate" solution to the blocking of credit to small companies and the self-employed by the Insurance Compensation Consortium, to avoid "the final closure" of many of them, "as is already happening"

• Demands that the Executive look at itself in the mirror of "the forceful fiscal measures" approved by other countries in our environment: "Its low momentum will again cause crisis and massive closings"

• Welcomes the Government agreeing to the third change on the ERTE to extend this figure beyond the state of alarm, as requested by the PP, but "we must continue to improve" the measures of economic flexibility and employment protection

• Criticizes the Executive branch "in an absolutely surprising way", and in full alarm, the transfer of pensions of public officials from the Ministry of Finance to the new Inclusion, generating "insecurity, fear and uncertainty" in the 700,000 contributor families

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