The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Miguel Pascual, haccused the Botanist of creating an effect called for more homes to be squatted in the Valencian Community. "In 2015, when the Botanist came to power, there were 500 public housing squats. Last August there were 1,300, almost 10% of the total. They are allowing a few to steal the property of all Valencians”. Regarding private housing, Pascual has indicated that squats have doubled in just one year.

The deputy from Alicante has insisted during the general policy debate that Valencians, Alicante and Castellón are afraid. "We are facing professional squats, mafias that also blackmail the owners. Do you know why? Because they enjoy impunity. That is why we ask that squatters be excluded from public aid and that the penalties be increased. We are clear: in the face of illegal occupation: kick in the ass in 24 hours and into the street”.

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