Miguel Pascual has asked for the resignation of the Minister of Health, Ana Barceló, after six months of “lousy management of the health crisis”. The VOX deputy urges the creation of an approach plan to end the long waiting lists and has regretted that the Botanist, after five years governing in the Valencian Community, has not done anything.

MIRs deserve decent working conditions

Likewise, it has demanded measures to implement a quality and safe Primary Care with health centers with Covid-free protocols; as well as to stop the aggressions in the sanitary environment and end the precariousness of MIR doctors to whom the Botanist has turned his back.

"They deserve decent working conditions. They have exposed their lives to save ours. Now you they announce an extra pay and say so after having accused them of the contagions and having left them to their fate without means of protection. The rate of infected toilets in the Valencian Community is the highest in Spain. The real situation of the Valencian health system is that it is collapsed. Don't lie anymore ”.

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