The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, Miguel Pascual, has lamented during the Finance Commission on the budgets and after the appearance of the Minister of Public Works, Arcadi Spain, that the ships of the NGOs that favor the illegal trafficking of people are exempt from paying fees in the Valencian ports while fishermen, brotherhoods and users are going to upload this year, since they contemplate income from port taxes of 3.5 million in the budgets.

For Pascual it is an incomprehensible fact, but one that is usually common in his policies. "By
On the one hand, they try to make the NGOs that favor the illegal trafficking of people and that create an effect
call to illegal immigration can get rid of paying fees, but on the other foresee an increase in
3.5 million in revenue from port fees. Please, clarify to fishermen, brotherhoods,
and users of the ports if they are going to raise their rates ”.

The VOX deputy has explained that a migratory invasion is currently taking place in
Spain, with the arrival of more than 14,000 illegal immigrants this year, and the Valencian Community did not
is an exception. “This migratory invasion that has the active participation of the mafias that
engaged in trafficking in human beings, they have the complicity of the NGOs that send boats
off the coasts of origin to pick them up and bring them here. Well, that we know, four of
these ships that favor illegal immigration and that encourage thousands of people every year
risk their lives in the Mediterranean, use the ports of the Valencian Community for their
hibernation, maintenance and provisioning, such as, for example, the port of Burriana, and
apparently they do it without paying fees, nor for water and electricity supplies ”.

The Alicante deputy has taken the opportunity to inform the Minister Arcadi Spain that VOX has registered
various questions and requests for information in this regard to know under what terms and conditions are
they make these berths exempt from fees. "I would ask you to clarify the terms in which
these pseudo NGOs make fraudulent use of the ports under their management ", has stated.

Money for scooters, but not for masks

Miguel Pascual has also criticized a bleeding issue In the current situation, how is it?
Conselleria spend 510,000 euros on the purchase of bicycles and scooters when these are not
mandatory, but instead, this regional and national government, refuse to facilitate
masks, which are mandatory, to citizens for free.

“It turns out that just one day after the Royal Decree of the State of Alarm in May where it is established
the mandatory use of you start to market the masks at 0.95 euros each.
It is not moral that they do business at the expense of the people when it is an obligation imposed by
your. Have a little dignity, common sense, and think of people. Masks are a
obligatory good of first necessity and since they are not able to lower the VAT, at least, do not
business with them so it would not hurt if they used the money from the scooters in
subsidize masks ”.
Pascual has also asked Spain why his Ministry is increase spending on
furniture and they go from spending 45,000 euros to 95,000 euros. "I do not think that this expense is justified,
when what you have to do is reduce wasteful spending, like this one, and allocate it to what is important.
The parliamentarian of VOX has also been critical of the forecast of this Ministry to collect
200,000 euros more for the year 2021 in concept of the G-4 rate of the services of fresh fish and
marine aquaculture. Therefore, he has asked again if they are going to raise rates.

Budgets are a statement of intent

For Pascual it is “an irresponsibility"That this Government and specifically this Ministry play
with future possibilities such as the external contributions of the Operational Program ERDF 14-20, which provides for the
financing of investments of the Railways of the Generalitat Valenciana going from 11 million to
69 for this year. "It seems irresponsible to us that they play in this way with future of the
European Union, that we will see if they arrive and that we will see what comes to us. As I have told the
beginning of my speech, more than budgets, they are a declaration of intent”.

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