The deputy of the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Valencian Courts, Miguel Pascual, has asked the Minister of Housing, Rubén Martínez Dalmau to abandon your communist policies and work to increase the purchasing power of Valencians because it is turning citizens into "slaves to their alms".

During the commission the autonomous head of Transport, Arcadi Spain, who the VOX deputy, also appeared He has criticized that it does not prioritize the interests of Valencians and tourism in the Valencian Community.

Miguel Pascual stressed that "it shows the disastrous management in which Minister Ábalos will launch this weekend the ministerial order where the arrival of international flights to the airports of the Valencian Community was not allowed, and all because the Consell has not done anything in five years, when we have two of the first airports in all of Spain ”.

ANDhis rectification “in extremis” of Ábalos during the weekend has been the product of the pressure that the businessmen have transferred to the Consell, which has forced the minister to rectify and include the airports of Alicante-Elche and Valencia so as not to weigh more Valencian tourism. "As always, the Consell has arrived late and badly"

Pascual added that Minister Arcadi Spain has also been unable to specify which sanitary measures will be applied at airports to guarantee the health of the citizens of the Valencian Community.

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