On June 20, the General Assembly of associates of the ASPA Federation elected Miguel Santos Romón Mena as president for the next three years.

Romón Mena joined the Association of External Prevention Services in 2003, being vice president of the ASPA Federation in the previous term. He has been co-founder and president of the Castellano-Leonesa Association of External Prevention Services, ASPACYL, from 2006 until June 18.

He is the general director and founding partner of the Prevention Service of Others Prevenges Consultores, with headquarters in Valladolid for 18 years.

Together with him, the vice-president, David Muñoz Espejo; the secretary, José Ruíz de la Sierra; the treasurer, Luis García Morales and the members Sonia Pérez Rubinos and Naroa Sagarna Sagarna.

The president has stated his commitment to work for a federation for all, with honesty and transparency, along with the rest of the members of the Board of Directors, based on the following lines of action: give relevance to the social value indispensable to the activity of Prevention Services, promoting and defending the image and interests of the sector; promote a legislative framework with the necessary legal security and business freedom, with special attention to the scarcity of health resources; procure a adequate framework of labor relations reflected in collective bargaining and search for sectoral unit with the rest of associations, based on the structural strength of the current Federation.

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