Ministry and trade union organizations resume the Pact for Industry

Ministry and unions have agreed to resume the Pact for Industry through the establishment of a high-level Bureau with the participation of trade union and business organizations representing the sector, which will coordinate the development of the Government's 2030 Industrial Policy Strategy and the future Industry Law

The meeting addressed the difficulties that, for different reasons, are going through industrial companies in the country, with the aim of working together to find the best solutions to their current situation.

The trade union organizations and the Government consider that, once their processing is finished, the Statute for the Electro-Intensive Consumer will be the general frame of reference from which they will work to improve competitiveness, develop industrial capacities and maintain industrial employment.

Finally, trade union organizations and the Government have reaffirmed their willingness to continue talking and working in a coordinated manner to strengthen a solid, competitive industry that guarantees job stability in all its sectors.

Also present at the meeting were the general director of Industry and SMEs, Galo Gutiérrez-Monzonís, the head of Industrial and Sector Policy of CCOO, José Manuel Casado, and the deputy secretary general of the Federation of Industry of UGT-FICA, Antonio Deusa .

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