Ministry, CGPJ, Prosecutor's Office and autonomous communities agree to go to phase 2 of the de-escalation in the Administration of Justice from next Tuesday

The Crisis Coordination Commission of COVID-19 in the Administration of Justice has agreed at its meeting this morning to advance to phase 2 of de-escalation in the Administration of Justice, which implies that starting next Tuesday and for fifteen days In general, 60-70% of the staff will go to their work centers. Afternoon shifts will be established when the number of officials prevents security.

The minister has indicated that, together with this gradual and progressive de-escalation, the lifting of the suspension of the procedural deadlines from June 4 will be key in the judicial reactivation. The measure has been formally approved today by the Council of Ministers after the authorization given by the Congress of Deputies this Wednesday to the extension of the state of alarm.

Campo explained that "the most prudent thing" was to reactivate the deadlines on that date and not before, because it will allow the pending processing to be resumed under the conditions foreseen for phase 3, with 100% effective in the courts.

The minister has also announced that his department is already working on the design and planning of shock plans in the social, contentious-administrative and commercial areas, those most affected by the stoppage of activity. The idea is to identify from different statistical parameters where it is necessary to put the focus and establish the reinforcements to help the economic recovery. The minister has called to "coordinate and connect efforts" for the success of these specific action plans, on which an exhaustive follow-up will be carried out, for their reissue in 2021. "We have to demonstrate that we have the capacity to solve the problems of citizenship ", has said.

The minister has asked the autonomous communities and the competent administrations "voluntariness and generosity" to articulate, also, the setting in motion of courts that attend, temporarily, the issues derived from the crisis. Campo has advanced that the approach of the Ministry of Justice is to have at the end of the year 23 of these bodies that will continue their activity in 2021.

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