Before we embark on a vacation worthy of a dystopian novel, it's time to announce the Minotaur novelties for September. A trio of classic aces will reign in the Essential Collections and Author Libraries. Ursula K. Leguin will return with a reissue of The left hand of the darkness and the promise of more recoveries in subsequent months. Ray Bradbury will continue celebrating its year with a luxury edition 100th anniversary of Fahrenheit 451 and a new publication of Zen in the art of writing. The imaginary of Philip K. Dick will be represented by The clans of the moon Alfana.

The replacement of these Greats of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Terror literature is ensured thanks to the pen of another international triplet of writers. C. A. Fletcher will sign A boy and his dog at the end of the world, a post-apocalyptic novel with a hopeful twist, surprising twists, and an unconditional love for pets. Sofia Rhei will present Newropia, a tale of political fiction and adventure, a dystopia mixing soft science fiction from the near future and sociological. David Ouimet It will be the third authorial bet with Silent. It is an illustrated book full of great beauty, with a tender and light-filled message that has caught personalities of the stature of Neil Gaiman or Philip Pullman.

Finally, lovers of epic and video games will be able to enjoy more plots of The Wheel of Time, Warhammer and Assassin’s Creed.

Happy summer full of good readings! Take care!

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