The Municipal Group of VOX has criticized that the exorbitant rise in the water bill of the people of Granada, due to the estimated calculation during the period of confinement, demonstrates the negligence of the Board of Directors of Emasagra in which the PP and PSOE dispose at their will Therefore, VOX has demanded to be part of the governing body of this entity to ensure transparency in decision-making.

Onofre Miralles, municipal spokesman for VOX, has asked the PSOE and PP to "clarify the economic 'pastries' that are ruining the hospitality and commerce of Granada, since we understand that the 'elbow pact' is the reason for this situation in Emasagra ”and other important issues for the city“ in which the PSOE criticizes the PP and they are silent, when they are situations inherited from the socialist mandate ”.

“The Aguagranada Foundation is an armored bunker of Emasagra and the government team, where access to information by corporations is very difficult, and where there are prominent socialists, without knowing the salary they charge, since it is subject to to the Data Protection Law ”, something that shows the foundation's lack of transparency, according to Onofre Miralles.

One more proof of this opacity in Aguagranada are the answers to VOX questions formulated in October 2019, in which information was requested on the statutes, economic allocation, employment contracts and annual budgets, without answering any of these issues.

"They all killed her and she died alone," Onofre Miralles referred to the fact that there is a Board of Directors in Emasagra where VOX could be in to denounce "the cakes and abuses that are carried out, and therefore We demand from the mayor of Granada -Luis Salvador- that in the next September plenary session a modification of the representation and representatives in this body be carried out ", so that the political groups" are not sold to the spurious interests of the bipartisanship " .

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