El senador del GPP, José Antonio Monago

The popular senator requires Minister Planas to legislate so that the prices of agricultural products are above production costs

The senator for the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, José Antonio Monago, today complained to the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, “fair prices for the products of farmers and ranchers” and concrete solutions by his Ministry.

Monago, during his speech at the government control session this afternoon in the Senate, has demanded that the minister take France as an example and "legislate so that the prices of agricultural products are above the production costs", In addition to requesting a thorough review of the Food Chain Law.

He has also reproached the minister for not having negotiated with the Secretary of State for Agriculture of the United States the elimination of tariffs on Spanish products, as if other European countries have done. "Didn't you tell him that you were worried about Andalusian, Extremadura, Murcia, Castilian or Valencian farmers?" He asked.

In addition, Monago has demanded Minister Planas not to waste time creating forums and commissions that do not serve to solve the problem of farmers and offer solutions to the agricultural sector. "Some are distributing blame for what happens in the agricultural sector, labeling landowner farmers, but they are not responsible for fair prices."

Also, the senator of the PP has recalled the multiple demonstrations called by farmers and ranchers and, specifically, the one that took place a few days ago in Don Benito. “Do you remember the sound of thousands of farmers manifesting and the grinding of sticks that ended with 19 injured? The problems of the field are not fixed by giving orders of charge against the farmers, while elsewhere the order is to endure to infinity, ”he has reproached the minister.


Monago explained that after the liberalization of the markets, the elimination of the intervention and protection mechanisms of the same and the application of the objectives of the CAP, “the effort has been at the expense of the kidney of the producers, which year After year they have seen prices fall. What should have been an opportunity has been a ruin of the weakest link: the farmer and the farmer. ”

On the other hand, the senator from Extremadura has reminded the Minister of Agriculture that 10 billion euros in export aid have disappeared and import tariffs have been eliminated, while they have been exported. “We export with the highest quality and safety, and with tariffs in many cases; and we import we don't know what and without tariffs, ”he has denounced.

“The 21st century countryside has to have fair prices for its producers, instead of throwing people out of the countryside. Spain owes much to the countryside because it is the country with the highest proportion of agricultural GDP in the entire European Union, ”said the popular senator.

Monago has pointed out that agricultural income has decreased by 8.6% in 2019, “impoverishing” the people of the countryside. “Many have gone to unemployment, as in my land. Even the Extremaduran socialist president has told them that the rise in unemployment is due to the rise in the minimum interprofessional salary. ”

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