He affirms that the PP is “the people's party” and is convinced that after 10N, Pablo Casado will be president of the Government of Spain

The president of the Popular Party of Extremadura, José Antonio Monago, said today that the autonomous community "does not want to be more than anyone but not less than anyone" and intends "to do more Spain" pointing out that "if it is bad that anyone is want to separate, bad is also that others are left behind ”in allusion to the claim of the Catalan nationalist parties and the lack of communications in Extremadura.

During his intervention of the XXIV Popular Interparliamentary that is being held today in Alicante, Monago recalled that Extremadura has some problems such as unemployment, leading the poverty rate or the mass exodus of young people but has emphasized the lack of communications affirming that there is a Spain “of two speeds: the communicated one and the non-communicated one”.

Thus, he has given as an example that the Extremadura delegation that has moved to Alicante to participate in the Interparliamentary has taken the same as if they had gone to New York so they have urged that the problem of communications “has to resolve a PP government from 10N because Sanchez is not going to do it "because" he cares about other things. "

The president of the PP has also appealed to solve the needs of the rural world, pointing out depopulation as one of the great challenges of the future as well as "guaranteeing access to public services." "To live in a town is not to listen to the birds in the morning" he has ironic recalling that people who live in the rural world and have problems such as lack of specialists or have a child with different abilities "is a serious problem."

Monago has affirmed that “Spain has the soul of a people” recalling that 90% of the municipalities in Spain are rural and has indicated that “the PP has always been the party of the peoples, of that rural Spain, of that fighting Spain that has so many needs. ” "That Spain of farmers, of farmers, that smells like country but also needs," he said.

In this way, Monago has affirmed that the PP has to be “very sensitive” with the needs in the villages because “others are not going to worry” since they are more aware “of tacticism, the slogan and the scenery”, asking for a special taxation for the rural world and showing himself convinced that after November 10, Pablo Casado will be president of the Government of Spain and "he does understand the people".

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