El presidente del PP de Extremadura, José Antonio Monago

The president of the Popular Party of Extremadura, José Antonio Monago, has urged Fernández Vara and Minister Luis Planas to roll up their sleeves in Brussels, on the occasion of the start-up of the negotiations of the new European funds, and "not to return" without the rent agrarian of Extremadura "guaranteed". He has also reiterated that the socialists are government and "have to look for solutions" with their communist partners who encourage "keep squeezing" as if the thing was not with them.

In his question to the president of the Board, José Antonio Monago has warned that a cut in aid to the field is expected; it would be 10% less in the CAP and an adjustment of up to 25% rural development. In addition, he has warned that the Minister of Agriculture Extremadura "is untrained" because his task in the previous legislature had been to make statements to the government of Rajoy "by the train", but did not bother to claim the rights of the Extremaduran countryside.

For Monago, it is a fact that the agrarian mobilizations of Don Benito a few weeks ago lit “a wick” very important and that it is, in short, the cry for the dignity of farmers and ranchers, but not only Extremadura, but of all of Spain Thus, Monago has stressed that the media dimension of the matter has been important to be a fight for the dignity of the sector and "because there was an unworthiness" that is that it wanted to silence sticks.

"In a way that had not been known before in this region, people fighting were beaten," said Monago, who has pointed directly to the PSOE government authority for responsibility in that repression. The leader of the PP has been convinced that these protests were not silenced, because they can only be silenced with solutions, and in that Vara let them down. In this regard, he explained that as Plan A failed, which were the sticks, the Socialists activated Plan B, which was to disqualify them through a union delegate who said that the mobilizations were organized by the right landowner Carca.

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