Madrid, November 5, 2020. – Rocío Monasterio has demanded that the Ayuso Government reopen Madrid this weekend in "coherence" with her own speech and the historical requests of VOX. “We propose that tomorrow the restrictions are eliminated since the incidence of infections is less than 500 / 100,000 inhabitants and, therefore, it makes no sense to restrict mobility. Madrid cannot be closed ”, argued the VOX spokesperson, before entering the plenary session in which the proposal of the parliamentary group to carry out tests in pharmacies is debated.

He also invited the "infiltrator of Sánchez" to stop pressuring the president "to lock up all of us from Madrid." "Let him go through the hunger queues, instead of inaugurating gel cans in the subway after seven months of pandemic and see the consequences of the confinement, which is the ruin of many families who are left without work: hoteliers, waiters, people who worked in nightlife ”, Monasterio invited him. "We have to reactivate Madrid and, with good health data, that can be done," he insisted.

Along the same lines, Monastery once again showed Ayuso its support "in the face of Sánchez's policies and to prevent more Madrid from being confined" despite the attacks by the PP and its "non-leader", Pablo Casado, to the voters of VOX. “You now intend to have our support in Andalusia, Murcia or Madrid. Or perhaps not, perhaps you want to agree with the socialists. Perhaps the explanation is that the bipartisanship continues to maintain links and communicating vessels of corruption. It is possible that Casado had to rescue his tutors from the corrupt Kitchen plot by negotiating a truce with the PSOE, "he said. And he concluded: “Hopefully not, because that would be delivering Madrid. And in VOX we are not willing. We will not be offended. He will have our support against Sánchez ”, concluded Monasterio.

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