Madrid, November 5, 2020. – The Isabel Zendal nurse pandemic hospital of the Community of Madrid is not the best solution to stop the pandemic, but, once built, VOX has demanded that the regional government, at least, really serve to fight effectively against the Coronavirus. Moreover, it has requested that it also serve to serve patients from the rest of Spain who need it in case hospitals in other regions are saturated.

“I encourage Mrs. Ayuso to establish agreements with all the communities to transfer the patients who cannot be treated, just as I would like to see the patients transferred from Madrid if one day the situation repeats itself that they stay at the gates of an ICU for not being able to enter, as in the first wave ”, Rocío Monasterio sentenced in statements to the press. "All the resources that are put into Health seem fine to me," he added.

VOX has always questioned the need to build a new hospital while other measures such as improving Primary Care or tracing have not been reinforced, but, once carried out, the questions are different. "Will the Isabel Zendal hospital guarantee me an ICU bed if I need it? Can you assure me of an ICU bed for my parents, for yours, for grandparents over 80 or 90 years old? Will you secure me a room instead of a hallway? Do you ensure clean sheets and hot food during my hospitalization? Can you assure me of an ambulance to reach him and a bed for the sick from nursing homes? ”Asked Ana Cuartero.

The deputy spokesperson also demanded guarantees for the workers who are finally assigned to said center. "Does the Government assure me that there will be means of protection not only for the sick but for all health personnel? Can you assure me that the Community will behave loyally with them afterwards and will not forget them once the crisis is over? Can you assure me that there will be psychological support for health workers who have seen their colleagues become infected and die fighting the virus? ”, He stressed.

On the other hand, Cuartero defended Ayuso from the attacks from the left: “I am not saying that the Isabel Zendal hospital is the best solution to the pandemic. Maybe it wouldn't have been my solution. It probably wouldn't have been the VOX solution. But the left does not have the legitimacy to criticize it because the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias have done absolutely nothing ”.

Even so, he demanded the rendering of accounts of the pharaonic work "in which the slaves are not missing: the Madrid health workers who, exhausted, see how a new hospital is built for which the staff is going to be provided with temporary staff ”. A pharaonic work for which Ayuso wants to be remembered, but which will have to demonstrate the "will to serve" beyond the "desire to shine."

"What I don't want is for the images of a morgue, nursing homes, exhausted toilets to be hidden in order to achieve this victory … We already have the images of the hunger lines in our neighborhoods and they will not be able to hide them", Cuartero denounced. And he concluded: "The Community continues without geriatric hospitals, can the opening of this hospital ensure that our elders will have the assistance they need? Do not forget who, when and where most of the victims died. I don't forget it ”.

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