Madrid, October 15, 2020. – VOX is the only formation willing to fight, oppose the totalitarian government of Sánchez and Iglesias and defend the people of Madrid. This has been shown, once again, in the vote on the opinion of the Reconstruction Commission of the Madrid Assembly.

"It is nothing: no project, no economic memory," summarized Rocío Monasterio. Of course, it will mean more spending, new chiringuitos such as the Foundation for Tourism and even a harmonization of taxation that would seriously harm the people of Madrid. Meanwhile, companies and freelancers still do not receive liquidity and educational freedom or the defense of special education are still waiting to be defended.

"In search of a progressive consensus, you give in first of all," the VOX spokeswoman denounced, addressing President Díaz Ayuso, absent from the Chamber. “They say one thing and do the opposite. They sacrifice their principles in search of consensus because in the PP they are not willing to fight the battle of ideas. A lot of talk about ‘Sánchez, dictator’ and then lower his head, give in and sign what the PSOE proposes for Sánchez, ”he declared.

Although the PP is not the only formation that has forgotten its principles. “Citizens never know where it is, we don't blame them. The PP agrees with the PSOE of Sánchez; and Podemos wants consensus with those who they call the corrupt ones of the Gürtel ”, Monasterio ironized. And he regretted: "And everyone saying that we are already in recovery when we are still trying to take charge of the crisis."

For this reason, VOX continues to demand Emergency Budgets that allow the people of Madrid to be saved from this health, economic and social crisis. Test, tracking, reinforcement of Primary Care, help to alleviate the Social Emergency and not superfluous spending.

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