Madrid, November 10, 2020. – "The alternative to the Celáa Law, which is antisocial and indoctrinates our children, is the school check and the parental pin, which guarantee equal opportunities and the freedom of parents to choose the education they want for their children." This was revealed by Rocío Monasterio in the press conference after the Board of Spokespersons this Thursday.

The VOX spokeswoman stressed the need to guarantee equal opportunities, which is "the social elevator that allows a child from the poorest neighborhood in Madrid to access the best school." "That's what our proposal for the school check is for, which allows any family to choose the school they want and any child to have the best education available," he recalled.

While "the Minister of Education and her communist partners want to deny Spaniards equal opportunities, except for those who think like them", VOX will continue to fight to guarantee freedom of education and the right of parents to choose the education of their sons.

Test to contacts of the infected

In another vein, Monastery advanced the question that it will take to the Plenary of the Assembly this Thursday about the decision of the Government of the Community of Madrid to stop testing the contacts of those infected by Coronavirus, despite forcing them to carry out a 10-day quarantine for those affected.

The president herself, precisely, has been in the same situation these days. "There he will have realized the difference between who can pay for a test and knowing that he is not infected and who is not," he said in reference to that Díaz Ayuso will return to work tomorrow after having tested negative. “There are many people from Madrid who cannot pay for a test and when they have contact with someone who is infected, they are forced to spend 10 days at home without knowing whether or not they are infected and that has very serious repercussions for SMEs, families, hospitality … There are many sectors that They cannot allow themselves to stop and it may have consequences, such as the companies who fail the most, such as parents of large families, for example, ”he denounced.

“That is why it is important to test everyone who needs it. There is nothing better than carrying out our proposal so that the tests are carried out in pharmacies ”, continued Monasterio, after recalling that said VOX proposal was approved last week in the Assembly. “VOX will always be there, promoting the tests, the tracking and avoiding the confinements that Sánchez and Aguado want. We do not want to be confined, we want to be able to work and that Madrid does not stop ”, he concluded.

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