Madrid, November 19, 2020. – VOX has been asking for it for months and it has been half a month since the Madrid Assembly approved the proposal of the Parliamentary Group to carry out this measure, but the tests are still not carried out in pharmacies due to lack of political will.

Rocío Monasterio has once again stressed this Thursday on the need to implement this measure, as is done in Orense, to improve diagnosis and tracking in order to be able to separate the infected from the non-infected, reactivate the economy and open Madrid.

"The tests in pharmacies have to be implemented now, before the December Bridge, to be able to free the people of Madrid," the VOX spokeswoman said in statements to the press. "We must stop closing the perimeter of Madrid, which seriously attacks the freedom of movement of all Madrilenians," he added.

Therefore, he urged the regional government not to tighten the restrictions this Friday, but quite the opposite. “The people of Madrid would not understand that having lowered the thresholds for the incidence of marked infections, they continue to maintain the same measures to restrict freedom of movement. I hope the closures will be lifted because most of the areas of Madrid are below those thresholds ”, he concluded.

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