Madrid, December 17, 2020. – “We keep failing at the basics: test and trace. If we do not find the contagion, we will continue to infect ”. For this reason, Rocío Monasterio has once again demanded that the Community Government be "consistent, prudent and courageous" and take measures to stop the third wave of Coronavirus.

VOX has been insisting on these measures for months: installation of tents to carry out tests, reduction of times to obtain results, acceptance of the trackers offered by the Ministry of Defense, reinforcement of Primary Care or installation of operating rooms in Zendal, among others .

“Mrs. Díaz Ayuso, you have the most beautiful job in the world: saving lives. VOX will be with you if you take the appropriate measures ”, promised the VOX spokesperson at the Madrid Assembly to the president of the Community.

Monastery demanded "to stop restricting mobility" in the Community because, far from helping to curb the contagion curves, it favors crowds. "Be prudent, consistent and courageous," he asked after recalling that Minister Illa washed his hands and left the responsibility of controlling the third wave in the hands of the Communities. "We will support her if she takes the appropriate measures," concluded the VOX spokeswoman.

Euthanasia law

On the other hand, Monastery regretted the Euthanasia Law that today passes its first process in the Congress of Deputies. “A government cannot be cooperative in the death of its citizens. A society whose State induces suicide is a sick society. VOX believes in life ”, he concluded.

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