Madrid, November 12, 2020. – “A freelancer locked up for 10 days, loses 10 days of billing. A company that has to send its staff home for 10 days with very serious financial consequences. A family to which children are sent home because there is someone infected are children and parents who stop working ”. That is the reality of many Madrilenians who have been affected by the change in the protocol of the Community of Madrid by which tests are no longer carried out on the contacts of those infected by Coronavirus. For this reason, Rocío Monasterio has once again emphasized the need to return to that measure, especially after the president herself has been affected by the same situation.

"I hope that what has happened to Mrs. Díaz Ayuso helps her to understand reality and to take measures so that we can confine only those infected and not punish the entire population," the VOX spokeswoman wished. "Confining the possible infected for 10 days without the option of a test has consequences from the point of view of sanitary control and from the point of view of the life of Madrid: we renounce traceability, to control outbreaks, to know where we are infected , to anticipate the next waves, to provide reliable data, "he argued.

In addition, he criticized, "a policy in which the only sanitary measures are fear and confinement without increasing the provision of resources to control infections creates confusion, remoteness, and may even insubordination of those affected who consider themselves treated unfairly, especially if they see that politicians have the option of taking two tests and they have none ”, he denounced in reference to the case of Díaz Ayuso.

Monastery insisted on taking as an example the countries with the best data: "Those that have managed to control the pandemic are those that have put the resources into testing, tracing and controlling outbreaks," he recalled. "Until we manage to do that, we will be doomed to successive confinements," he ventured.

PCR in Barajas

For the same reason, Monastery welcomed the rectification of Moncloa to take measures in Barajas and request PCR to be able to enter Spanish airports and ports, although they arrive "10 months after" the Director of Health of the Government of Pedro Sánchez called her "xenophobic and ignorant" for demanding controls. "It is a fundamental measure although not the only one that we demand," he recalled. "We are here to suggest measures that make governments get it right," he added.

For this reason, he celebrated the VAT reduction on masks and stressed, once again, the need to perform tests, also for the contacts of those infected. “It cannot be that the only strategy in Spain is fear and confinement because that leads us to chronification with unacceptable incidence rates, the suffocation of the economy and the depletion of the population. Review this measure, Mrs. Díaz Ayuso, lower the quarantines and think about the people of Madrid ”, concluded Monasterio.

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