Madrid, October 15, 2020. – "Stop looking at Sánchez and look at the people of Madrid". That is the request that today Rocío Monasterio has transferred to the president of the Community of Madrid, whom she has criticized for not having updated the epidemiological databases of the region and lacking stable criteria that offer certainty: neither indicators, nor tables of entry and exit of quarantines, nor traffic light warning system as in other parts of the world.

“Are they waiting for the philosopher minister to impose them on them?” Asked the GPVOX spokesperson at the Madrid Assembly. “I am beginning to suspect that you wanted to be intervened because you did not want to make decisions. And why didn't they want to make decisions? Because you are in organizational chaos, "he denounced. And he warned: "You are leading us to successive confinements that are going to ruin Madrid."

In addition, the restrictions issued by Minister Illa in the Community violate the fundamental rights of citizens. For that reason, Monasterio urged Díaz Ayuso to fight the judicial battle against the declaration of the State of Alarm imposed by the central government. "If you agree with me that the State of Alarm violates the rights and freedoms of Madrilenians, file a motion for unconstitutionality," he demanded.

If the regional executive does not, VOX will. "Contribute or set aside," concluded Monastery.

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