Madrid, October 8, 2020. – The Community of Madrid is falling back into the same mistakes as at the beginning of the pandemic: lack of anticipation. That is why VOX continues to demand a reinforcement of the tracking system to stop the pandemic without weighing down the economy.

"Let yourself help," Rocío Monasterio asked the president of the Community of Madrid. Many times we try to help you more than the members of your own party, but do not resign. You can't hang your head in front of Sánchez's policies. VOX is not willing to resign to the policies of Sánchez, who lead the Champions League of contagion, "he said.

The GPVOX spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly also rejected the "intermediate solution" that Ignacio Aguado intends to reach, "which neither allows freedom, nor economic activity, nor does it take strict sanitary measures to end the virus."

Faced with the chronification of the virus that this would entail, Monasterio insisted on developing an effective tracking system. How? “Extraordinary resources are needed in extraordinary moments”, he summarized in reference to the need to approve and some Emergency Budgets.

Likewise, he urged to carry out tests in pharmacies, schools and with the help of the Army ("What fear are they?", He asked himself), as well as to reach agreements with mutuals to facilitate economic reactivation. "Why are the workers paying for the tests? Why are you not able to do it to those who have had close contact with someone infected? Thus we drown the economy and create uncertainty, ”denounced Monasterio. And he concluded: “Confining the contacts of the infected without doing PCR is not an effective tracing. We must protect the people of Madrid ”.

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